Poseidon Greek | Greek Seafood Restaurant

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by chef Demetrios Pyliotis
Greek - Seafood Bistronomy
In the heart of Miami Beach

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We are open for dinner

Available prefix 30$ per person

Wine Wednesday

half price on bottles & by the glass


Branzino Sundays

whole fish 50% off

Our Chef is 4 times Champion Chef - Winner of Chef Showdown Seafood Festival

Culinary Ambassador of Greek Gastronomy

Poseidon Greek Restaurant & Outdoor Lounge has made his new home in South Beach and now hungry diners who crave the fabulous flavors of Greek, Mediterranean and seafood cuisine can check out this new eatery. At Poseidon, the chefs follow Hippocrates recommendation that "food be thy medicine", by crafting healthy dishes rather than making popsicles from cough syrup. They sprinkle their recipes with krocus kozanis, a golden Greek spice, and infuses meals with oregano, rosemary, and thyme culled from the Taygetos Mountain of Kalamata. They also import fresh fish from the Aegean Sea before brushing salmon with extra virgin olive oil and tossing pasta with a medley of shellfish. Slick white tables and cool blue walls recall a refreshing day spent among the blue and white abodes lining the Greek shores of the Mediterranean. Prepare yourselves for a culinary journey to Greece through this wonderful experience and taste. Plus, with one of the best outdoor dining!

Culinary Ambassador of Greek Gastronomy
Opentable Dinners 2016
Chef Showdown Winners
Opentable Dinners 2015
Opentable Dinners 2014
Travellers Choice
We specialize in classic Hellenic cuisine and serve some of the freshest seafood in town!

Our menu is based on extra virgin Kalamata olive oil; krocus kozanis, a golden spice of Hellas; Greek yogurt, pure honey, natural ingredients such as oregano, rosemary and thyme that are grown on Taygetos Mountain of Kalamata; pure Chios masticha, the tear drop of the Skinos tree; Mediterranean sea salt, fragrant ground pepper, the Messinian Bay delicacy, a wild fish egg caviar and fresh fish imported from the Aegean Sea of Greece. The above-mentioned ingredients will be experienced in a variety of dishes. Poseidon arrives in South Beach and with him brings the aura of Greece—its food and entertainment. Prepare yourselves for a culinary journey to Greece through this wonderful experience and taste… Kali oreksi – Bon appetit!


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-Chef Demetrios
3 times Champion at Chef Showdown Battle Fish


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